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The $40 Pound of Folgers

Before I launch into what will surely be a bit of a rant, let me ask you: Would you pay $40 for a pound of our coffee?  I don't mean a premium, award-winning lot of coffee, but, say, our Nicaraguan farm direct from Luis?   I bet chances are pretty good that most, if not all of you, would answer, "Well, No, that is not in my budget."  If that is you, hold onto your seats as you keep reading - especially if you own a single-serve brewer like a Keurig! I recently ran across a NY Times article called With Coffee, the Price of..  - Read More

Get a Clever & Drink Tastier Coffee

"This is the best cup of coffee I have ever had; why is it so much better than what I am making at home?"  These were the words of our friend Ryan after finishing his cup of coffee one evening in our kitchen. Mind you, this man is no stranger to drinking freshly roasted Carabello Coffee.   So why was what he drank in my kitchen superior to his morning Joe? Mine was brewed in a Clever Coffee Dripper; his in a classic drip coffee maker.  Same ingredients, same paper filter, completely different results.  What gives?  Well, let me explain...  - Read More

What happens next?

So, in the last video I showed you the first step of shaking the coffee cherries through a screen to divide them into size categories. What happens next? Next the large, higher quality cherries go to a machine called a de-pulper. This takes the pit (which we strangely call a coffee bean) out of the cherry. The pulp-or cherry itself is dumped out and used for compost later. But, the pit continues on it's journey to then be washed, sorted, dried, and all sorts of other things that we never consider when we drink coffee! Here's the de-pulping in action...  - Read More

Cupping Coffee at the Beneficio Las Segovias in Nicaragua

Watch this video of us cupping coffee at the Beneficio Las Segovias. Emily, Jeff Brooks and I did some serious slurping, spitting and sniffing of coffee (otherwise known as "cupping") at the Beneficio Las Segovias in the town of Ocotal, Nuevo Segovia in Nicaragua a few days ago. This short video gives you a look at what we did for more than an hour as we attempted to zero in on which coffee we wanted to walk away with from the finca "Un Regal de Dios" of Luis Alberto Balladeros. A beneficio is a place where coffees are processed for..  - Read More

How Comfy are your beans?

A Coffee Storage Primer (I'm sipping the new PNG as I write this!) Storing our coffee seems to be the last thing we give any serious thought to when it comes to coffee.  I would even go so far as to say most of us don't even have a solid explanation for why we store our coffee the way we do.  For some of us, we store ours like dad or Aunt Mable used to store theirs.  Others of us have bought into some of the old wive's tales out there (the freezer and fridge thing to be exact).  I..  - Read More

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