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The McDonaldization of Starbucks

Ah, the glorious rosetta, perfectly poured and beautifully adorning your cappuccino.  It is a sight to behold, and something even more enjoyable to sip.  Micro foamed milk perfectly incorporated with the crema from a shot of espresso, visually stunning to the point that you pause and admire before putting the cup to your lips. I had my first at Rohs Street Cafe in Clifton back on December 1, 2007.  Incidentally, it was also the day I first met my wife.  You could say it was a day that changed my life in more ways than one! But there is one place in Cincinnati that you are certain NOT to find..  - Read More

107 E. 9th St. Newport, KY 41071 United States (859) 415-1587

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