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Deeper Roots Takeover Recap

This past Saturday, our Analog Coffee Bar, welcomed our friends from across the river, Deeper Roots Coffee, to take over our bar. This means they bring their best coffees and show off their signature beverages to our guests. They are our competitors, technically but, we think the more opportunities to bring us together in the same space to show each other what we're doing is something special.    Throughout the day, folks from all over the city came to taste some of these drinks, meet our team, and meet new faces.      Overall, we had a great time with..  - Read More

Let's Explore Coffee Process Methods

Many of the things we enjoy on a regular basis take some serious effort to end up in our hands. Coffee is no exception. It takes an incredible processing journey to end up in your cup!  We wanted to take a moment to breakdown the major ways that coffee is transformed from being a cherry to ending up as the green coffee that we roast for you!  Washed Process (Wet Process)   The process known as washed process or wet process is the most commonly used method to extract those wonderful coffee seeds. Don't let this intense machine fool you, it's a..  - Read More

Costa Rica Las Lajas and the Wonders of Good Processing

We've been roasting a brand new coffee from Costa Rica for the past couple weeks - and it's been blowing people's minds.  It's a luscious, clean, and sweet coffee that has been winning "staff favorite" of our current offerings and has customers coming back for a repeat pour-over and whole bean experience.  What makes this coffee so special? Well first of all, the people behind it are incredibly special. Don Oscar and Doña Francesca Chacon are the farm and mill owners- the mill being Las Lajas, and the farm being Finca Calle San Juan. They're third generation coffee producers who are..  - Read More

Analog Slow Bar To Host Special Event with Maverick Chocolate on June 17

Get Your Tickets Here Few things go better together than chocolate and coffee, which is why we have teamed up with chocolate maker Ben Picton of Maverick Chocolate for a special collaboration event!  While both coffee and chocolate are a part of the everyday life of Americans, their origin and the process by which the raw products are transformed into what we actually consume are often hidden from view.   On Saturday, June 17, 2017, we will host five seatings at our Analog Slow Bar.  Each seating is limited to 6 seats and will be 1 hour long.   Barista..  - Read More

Carabello Coffee Introduces New Packaging

In the past 7 years, we have hand-stamped tens of thousands of plain brown Kraft coffee bags.  And while there were many aspects of that simple packaging that we loved, we also knew it came with some trade-offs.  So, this past year we made the decision to make a significant investment in better packaging our coffees. For the design we chose to work with Austin Dunbar of Durham Brand Co in Covington, KY.  For the packaging itself, we chose Savor Brands because of their new flat bottom side gusseted bag technology.   From Day #1 we have built our customer base..  - Read More

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