Why the Tandem Bike?

The tandem bike has been an icon for the Carabellos since they decided to get engaged in the Spring of 2007. 

When Justin suggested that Emily show him some rings that she liked, she declared:

“I don’t want a ring, I want a tandem bike.” 

After Justin stopped laughing he said:

“You need a ring…but I’ll try to get you a bike too.” 

So, one spring day at a park, when he popped the big question, an adorable red vintage Colombia tandem bike was there waiting for her.  They took a spin around on it, and the love of tandem bikes was born. 

From that day forward, the bike began to be a symbol for working together, marriage, and eventually Carabello Coffee. 

When the vision for the company was born, the idea was that artisan roasted coffee would help fund works of compassion in Third World coffee produing nations.  Just like the tandem bike, the concept was of the two working together to achieve one common goal.  

While creating their logo, the Carabellos knew they wanted to use the tandem bike.  They had a friend design an original drawing of the vintage red cruiser and the branding brainstorming ensued.  One day, they were wracking their brains trying to decide on a tagline.  Although they wanted to use a tandem in their logo, they struggled to come up with a phrase that explained its use. 

Then, one afternoon, Emily suddenly announced:

“How about Coffee and Compassion in Tandem? Like, the coffee is leading, the compassion is following, but they are both riding that bike in the same direction?”

And so, the tandem bike logo and Coffee & Compassion in Tandem tagline was born.  

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