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Coffee as wedding favors

[gallery] This past Saturday night I found myself brewing and serving coffee at a family wedding at Michael W. Smith’s barn outside Franklin, TN. As it turns out, the groom and his son grew up as close friends. So, there I was, adjusting a few of the airpots on the beverage table when Michael W. himself walks into the barn. I hesitated for a moment and then thought, “Ah, he’s just a normal guy,” and introduced myself. We chatted for a few moments and then I went back to what I was doing.  And no...I didn't give him a bag of coffee...I..  - Read More

Micro business

As a company Carabello Coffee has had the opportunity to buy a snow cone machine for a group of people in Nicaragua.  They will start a small business selling these cold treats along the Pan-American highway.  Our friends had the opportunity to deliver the snow cone machine.  Here is  a letter with the story!  Be blessed! Dear Carabello Coffee,   I didn't realize the snow cone machine was from your coffee sales!  How awesome!  I've attached some pictures (the pic of it in FL with all the other is the one in the big cardboard box) of it in action..  - Read More

Coffee is a crop!

  [caption id="attachment_18" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A coffee "cherry" in the rainforest"][/caption] Coffee is A Crop, Not A Can of Pop (My Bi-Weekly Rant) We live in America where we're so used to opening any number of containers on a daily basis and getting the same thing every time.  Entire businesses succeed or fail based on whether or not they can perfect that process.  Well, while a good portion of the American coffee industry functions that way, it's not really how it should be.     Coffee is seasonal; it's grown once a year in four major growing regions throughout the world...  - Read More

How Comfy are your beans?

A Coffee Storage Primer (I'm sipping the new PNG as I write this!) Storing our coffee seems to be the last thing we give any serious thought to when it comes to coffee.  I would even go so far as to say most of us don't even have a solid explanation for why we store our coffee the way we do.  For some of us, we store ours like dad or Aunt Mable used to store theirs.  Others of us have bought into some of the old wive's tales out there (the freezer and fridge thing to be exact).  I..  - Read More

Rudolpho can finally afford a latte.

Coffee Prices About to Rise Care about the Price of Your Coffee?  I am sorry to announce that the price of your coffee, no matter where you’re buying it, is about to rise.  As of today, the price of coffee on the commodities market has risen 112% since this time a year ago.  Since coffee is purchased in futures, the consumer has yet to really feel the impact of this rise.    So, why the sudden rise in price?  Most are saying it is a combination of several factors: Bad weather the past few years in certain countries and low..  - Read More

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