Carabello Coffee

Black n' Burnt Barley


The bar contains three critical, and unique, ingredients that are combined with fine white chocolate to create a bar with a crunchy texture and intriguing malty and charcoal like taste.

Burnt Barley: A well-roasted malted barley from Germany, usually used in brewing Porter and Stout beers, with a strong flavor of coffee, toast and bitter cocoa.

Lava Salt: The Lava Salt is from Saltverk, Icelandic seasalt company, and gives the chocolate the right balance against the sweetness. This lava salt has been processed using activated charcoal, and it is this ingredient that gives the bar its dramatic appearance.

 Popped Barley: The popped organic Icelandic barley is from Móðir Jörd, popped and covered in chocolate, sprinkled on top of the bar.

 When you unwrap this bar, the first thing that strikes you is the color – it is jet black. As you break off a piece, you notice that its studded with an inclusion. As the bar melts, there is a clear malted note, and a subtle saltiness that is a pleasing contrast to the sweetness of the white chocolate. The pieces of popped barley that are sprinkled across the surface give a slightly chewy crunch to this bar. It’s fair to say that, to date, Bonnat has not tasted anything quite like this. With our first piece, we were being tempted to try something unusual, but it was the delicious, well balanced flavours of the bar – and its pleasing texture – that had Bonnat reaching for another piece soon afterward.