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Unleaded Decaf (Cincinnati Public Radio)


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Get the Lead Out

We are committed to supplying decaf drinkers with high quality, naturally decaffeinated process coffees that deliver true coffee flavor without any off-tasting decaf notes in the cup. Our decaf Guatemala is decaffeinated with the all natural Mountain Water Processing that is famous for minimally affecting the coffee's overall flavor after the process. Throughout the year we continually source decaf coffees that fit this role. We want decaf lovers to have a great coffee experience. 

Our Present Decaf: 

This single origin decaf is from the cooperative Maya Ixil. It was started in 1998 by 28 of its community members. The farmers represented in this cooperative are smallholders from the communities of Suan Juan Cotzal, Santa María Nebaj, and San Gaspar Chajul in the Department of Quiche. The co-op also supports gender-equality initiatives, and well as nutrition and food-safety programs for its members. Today, they are 190 members strong and improving their coffee thanks to training, collaboration, investment in agricultural techniques and dedication to producing great coffee. This is why we think you'll love the taste of this decaf.

In the Cup:

This Guatemala is so sweet and filled with Chocolate, Brown Sugar, and a soft Peach flavor. It's an easy drinking, everyday coffee.