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Coffee Classes

From the very beginning of Carabello Coffee, connecting with people over brewing coffee has been one of our greatest joys.  And now, to finally have a space where we can begin to invite folks like you in to learn, grow, and enjoy coffee on a deeper level, is very exciting for us.  

Do you want to go deeper in your understanding of coffee, brew better coffee at home or maybe even get your hands on a world-class espresso machine?  If so, we have put together classes that will fulfill all of those desires.  

Below are the classes we are presently offering.  Click on the link for each to see class dates and times.  Then find one and sign up!

Brew Like a Pro at Home Beginner - $45

This class will discuss all of the factors involved in brewing cafe quality coffee, such as water, grind, beans, weight, extraction, time, and ratios.  We will review a variety of devices and methods, including the Clever Dripper, Chemex, and Aeropress. Read More




Brew Like a Pro At Home Intermediate - $45  

In Brew Like A Pro Intermediate, we will be taking a deeper look into coffee brewing. We will teach you how to use a Hario V60 & a Kalita Wave. We will dive deep into the concept of extraction and through that give you the knowledge and confidence necessary to brew great coffee at home.  ry exercise is really exciting to us.  Get ready for a lot of slurping and spitting … you’re gonna love it!  Read More




Barista Basics - $200

This class will feature everything we can possibly teach you about espresso, including: espresso extraction, dialing in your grind, dosing, tamping, milk steaming, and drink building.  By the end, you will be pulling some great shots of espresso and get to craft some delicious drinks. Read More. 





Latte Art Basics- $50

This class is designed to help anyone achieve their latte art goals. If you have no experience but have just always wanted the fun experience of trying to pour a latte just the way your favorite barista does or you're in the coffee industry and would like to go deeper in your knowledge and skill - this is the class for you.  Read More 







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