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09 Ethiopia Qore Honey

by Carabello Coffee
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Qore is located in very high altitudes in Yirgacheffe and is one of our primary washing stations for several reasons. They invest in quality having a specific team that works only with the specialty they produce at the site. They basically have two production lines, one for special prep and one for the normal grades 1-3. This is also one out of 5 washing stations where the owner, Israel Degfa is doing sustainability programs and invest more in quality. They have registered farmer groups and are in the process of certification for rainforest alliance. They do second payment back to the growers and have a quality team to improve the coffees. One thing they implemented this year was flotation systems for all the cherries at arrival. 

In the Cup

Florals, Plums, Granola. Bright but Delicate. Sweet Citrus notes with a good sweetness, Acacia Honey, Red Berries, Roasted Herbs, great clarity. Stone Fruit, Tea.

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