Carabello Coffee

13 El Salvador La Esperanza


This cultivar separation comes from Finca La Esperanza, which sits on the border of El Boqueron National Park, a majestic natural forest that is home to a multitude of wildlife, and a main feature of San Salvador’s volcano crater. After the roya crisis, most farmers in the region let the original Bourbon and Pacas cultivars die off, replanting with rust-resistant varieties that unfortunately also produce an inferior cup. However, La Esperanza has kept most of its original tree populations, which farm managers have kept productive and healthy by implementing integrated farming practices. "H1", however, is an exception. H1, a newer hybrid strain, is a cross between Sarchimor and the Rume Sudan, produced in the hopes of producing a coffee that has both high cup quality and leaf rust resistance (this trait comes from the Catimor roots in the Sarchimor hybrid). This H1 sample certainly stood out when cupping alongside their other Bourbon offers, not necessarily as "better", but just offering different cup characteristics than the others.


In the cup
Raw Sugar, Sweet Almond, Dried Lemon Peel, Crisp