Carabello Coffee

18 **Competition Winner** Guatemala Villatoro


**This coffee won 5th place in the 2019 Guatemala Cup of Excellence Competition!**

Mr. Aurelio Villatoro had the privilege to be born in the coffee environment; as a child he devoted himself to his elementary, secondary and diversified studies. At the end he returned to “Finca La Esperanza”, owned by his father, to practice his profession as an Automotive Mechanic but with the hope of giving continuity to the coffee production and that was how in 1986 he founded his own farm “Villaure”, name that carries his surname and first name.

He started with a very small productive area but with enthusiasm, dedication and hard work, he came to increase its productivity. From 2002 to 2019, it has received several national and international awards for the excellent quality of its coffee.

Currently, Mr. Villatoro feels very satisfied because his children Jenner Villatoro and Rodin Villatoro are giving continuity to the efforts that for years they have been making in the Guatemalan coffee industry, being the third generation in coffee.

This farm has the privilege of being located on the slopes of one of the three mountains that surround it, which causes a very special micro climate suitable for coffee plantations. Due to the topography of the land and its position, it receives abundant heat in the morning and in the afternoon the sun arrives with less intensity. This makes it different and unique in the quality of coffee.

In the Cup

Expect an extremely complex and rare Guatemalan coffee.  Very enjoyable to drink.  Elegant, Red Apple, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Silky Body