Carabello Coffee

2021 Grand Cru Bundle (SAVE 10%)

$59 $65

**Buy Both And Save!  Only Available Whole Bean**

Sometimes you want to give the coffee lover in your life a little something extra, something that might even verge on over the top.  If this is one of those times, we've  curated this gift for you.  By bundling our two best coffees of the season together, our Grand Cru Bundle is the ultimate Christmas coffee line-up. 

This pair of coffees are both solidly 90+ point scoring nano lots, both from storied farms.  Grand Cru #62 is from Finca La Inmaculada in Colombia, and Grand Cru #63 is from the Las Lajas Micromill in Costa Rica. 

Included Coffees
Each of the coffees in this bundle is high scoring, complex and distinct, and we encourage you to read more about them on their respective pages. 

  • 62 **Grand Cru** La Inmaculada Sudan Rume - A true Gem of a 90 Point Coffee.  Expect an exotic coffee, marked by a creamy cup, with a ripe mango acidity, a layered sweetness, and a finish that lingers with cardamom spice and florals. 
  • 63 **Grand Cru** Black Diamond Honey - A True 90 Point Coffee: Highly Complex, Juicy & Winey, with flavor notes ranging from Mixed Berry to Cider to Caramel. 
Expect these coffees to deliver joy for days!  Seriously!


To find out more about what Grind Method to choose, check out our blog post on grind methods!