Carabello Coffee

No. 27 Mexico Dona Eva Orea


This coffee is from a small farm in Veracruz, Mexico owned by Doña Eva Orea. She has planted Marsellesa on her farm, which is a highly disease-resistant hybrid bred through Villa Sarchi and Timor. Seeing producers in Mexico processing coffee any other way than washed coffee is very uncommon. This is particularly true when you consider producers who have small farms! This is a variety separation of Marsellesa that has been depulped and allowed to dry slowly on raised beds for even drying. This is a great blend of flavors you'd expect in a washed coffee with a slightly extra fruity note to compliment. lay to dry for up to a few weeks. The cup is fruited and sweet and shows off impressive acidity when roasted light.

We Taste:
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Apple, Honey, Smooth