Carabello Coffee

30 Honduras Pozo Negro


Jose has been working on a coffee farm since the age of ten, working on the farm of his parents. When he was 25 he married and he moved with his wife and growing family to the mountains to manage his family’s farm. Initially he sold to a local buyer but his dream was always to export his coffee. He met with Rony Gamez, our partner in the region, who helped him with agronomic and processing assistance to help Jose improve the quality of his coffee. Selling his coffee to Nordic Approach is a big achievement for Jose. “I am so happy to have a buyer for my coffee,” said Jose, “especially a buyer in Norway.”

Jose hopes to continue this relationship, and is dedicated to continual improvement of his coffee. “Greetings from the Pozo Negro community,” Jose said.

A group of 60 producers in the community of Pozo Negro, located in the municipality of Masaguara in Intibuca. These producers have organised themselves into a group who come together to learn and share knowledge. They elect a chairman every year who, for several years running, has been Wilmer Alexis Grau Montoya. As Joanne met with this group and heard from the producers themselves, their shared respect for Wilmer was clear. They hold regular meetings, to organize themselves and their production and to support each other in improving the quality of their coffee.

This group of producers is making an enormous effort, and reinvesting in their infrastructure on their wet mills, drying facilities and back into their production. This is an exciting development, as it allows for greater traceability and separation of high quality micro-lots, and is by no means ordinary for Honduran coffee producers. Our aim in working with this group is to find them a stable market for these coffees, and to assist them to further develop quality, and increase the amount they earn for their coffee over time.

We Taste:

Ripe Pear, Caramel Sweetness, Balanced, Dark Chocolate Finish


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