Carabello Coffee

32 Yemen Pearl of Tehama


Yemen has a long and incredibly rich history of coffee, being the first place coffee was cultivated outside of its birthplace, Ethiopia's Kaffe Forest. While the coffee plant originated in Ethiopia, the coffee beverage most certainly reached the form we know it as today in Yemen and amidst the Ottoman empire.

The most incredible thing about coffee in Yemen today, is that coffee farmers themselves have been doing largely the same things for well over 400 years. Some places talk about starting to farm sustainably- Yemeni farmers have pretty clearly already been practicing it since the beginning of its cultivation.

This lot of Yemeni coffee is set apart as a grand cru offering, one of only a couple coffees to bear that title through the year. Fatoum Muslot inherited a large portion of her father's company, and branded it "Pearl of Tehama", an affectionate nickname for coffee in the country of Yemen. Fatoum has committed herself to partnering with smallholder farmers to collectively improve infrastructure in the surrounding villages where coffee is grown. This lot has been sorted extremely well, separated, and dried slowly on a rooftop. On top of traditional practices in growing, harvesting, and processing- this is also what is considered a distinct landrace variety, called "Hawari", after the region where it is found.


We Taste:

Brown Sugar, Raisin, Stone Fruit, Dark Chocolate

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