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The Aguilera Brothers are a group of 12 siblings. They're all second generation coffee farmers who have taken up the family business that their father started. Their father was ambitious and took the risk of growing coffee in an area of the West Valley that hadn't been cultivated before. Some of his neighbors even told him coffee couldn't be grown in there! They have been proven wrong.

The West Valley is now ripe with thriving coffee farms, many of whom are the Aguilera family farms. In 2007 the family won the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence. With their winnings, they purchased a micro-mill that has put them on the map as a coffee powerhouse. Being able to control and innovate their processing methods has made them ramp up their quality to a new level, as well as offer various styles of washed, honey, and natural processed coffees.

This particular lot is from their farm Finca Edgar, and its a separation of the high quality Villa Sarchi variety, which was first discovered in Costa Rica. They honey processed this batch of Villa Sarchi coffee to create a wonderful balance between the brighter flavors of a classic washed costa rican coffee and the warm, rich sweetness that a good honey processed coffee can offer.

This is the kind of coffee that we've found to be a favorite here in the mid-west, as it is exceptionally easy drinking while maintaining interesting flavor notes for the adventurous coffee drinker.

In the Cup

Balanced and Mellow: Toffee, Apple, and Tart Lemon


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