Carabello Coffee

Honduras Las Acasias Natural


 **All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

Marcala is a town located in the department of La Paz, Honduras. This town is well known for its quality microlots and Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez owns many farms in this area. On these farms, Roger cultivates heirloom varieties such as this naturally processed catuai.

On the whole, Honduras has become the biggest coffee exporter in Central America. Though gaining popularity, natural processed coffees from Honduras are fairly new to the specialty coffee scene. These coffees can take over a month to dry!

One of the biggest hurdles coffee producers have to overcome in Honduras is the drying of the coffee. The producers concerned with quality choose to dry their coffee on raised beds rather than using the more popular mechanical drying methods. Roger Márquez is quite particular about this step which sets him and his coffees apart.

In the Cup

Winey, Mellow, Bubblegum, Grape, Chocolate


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