Carabello Coffee

Burundi Gatukuza Hill


The washing station of Gatukuza is owned and operated by Therence Nduwayezu, who is a neighbor and friend of the washing station owned by Long Miles Coffee Project. They have partnered with him to separate all the cherry coming to him by day lots- a strategy to identify and pay premiums for the best coffee coming from smallholders all around his town.

In Burundi, farmers each grow a very small amount of coffee- nowhere near the amount to justify the costs associated with processing the cherry themselves. Quality washing stations such as Gatukuza purchase coffee cherry from thousands of smallholders and give the farmers very specific receipts to keep track of their cherry. The day lots are then kept separate, processed, and once they're cupped the farmers get a quality bonus based on the quality they deliver. This ends up being an excellent strategy for ensuring that the farmers are incentivized and rewarded for the highest quality- and we get better and better coffees! The evidence we have that this is the case, is that Therence submitted a lot from Gatukuza that won the nation's cup of excellence from this same harvest!


We Taste:
Orange, Vanilla, Spice, Syrupy Body


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