Carabello Coffee

El Bosque


Luis Alberto Balladarez, our longtime friend from Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua has brought us this wonderful pacamara washed coffee. Luis owns several farms and processes all of his own coffees at his mill Beneficio Las Segovias. Quality control and attention to detail are interwoven into both his farming practices and his processing at Beneficio Las Segovias. 

El Bosque, meaning forest or wooded place, is a lot from Luis’s farm La Bendicion. Passed down over four generations, this farm has been part of the Balladarez family for many years. La Bendicion will continue to be cared for by Luis’s children as he now prepares to pass much of the work on to the fifth generation of Balladarez coffee producers. 

This pacamara coffee is a hybrid varietal, part pacas and part maragogipe. This bean is especially distinctive in its size. It is large and ovular, longer in height than width. Compared to its pacas parent, it can be almost double in size! 

In the Cup: Vibrant, Melon, Raspberry, Orange, Cedar, Creamy


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