Carabello Coffee

Grand Cru #98 Juan Martin Gesha


This stunning Grand Cru gesha comes to us from Finca Juan Martin located in Sotara, Cauca, Colombia. Because of its high elevation and ocean winds, this region of central-western Colombia is one of the coolest regions in the country. Banexport, the producers of this coffee, take a particular interest in soil conservation at Finca Juan Martin. Maintenance of the soil at the farm is especially important because the steep slope of the farm easily leads to erosion. These producers also work diligently to identify and eliminate pests and disease through meticulous crop evaluations. 

Banexport has made it their mission to set up Finca Juan Martin as a resource and example for other producers who sell and export their coffees through Banexport. Whether it's cultivation, harvesting, or processing, at Finca Juan Martin the development of appropriate practices for each step in order to achieve the highest quality is paramount. This particular coffee is a beautiful and high scoring natural processed gesha variety. It boasts a very sweet and vividly floral cup with a pleasantly creamy body. YUMTOWN! 

In the Cup: Creamy, Floral, Berry, Chocolate


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