Carabello Coffee

Java Frinsa Collective


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The beloved beverage “coffee” is commonly referred to as “java.”  The island of Java was the first of the Indonesian islands to cultivate coffee which is why coffee has become synonymous with Java. In fact, Indonesia on the whole is now one of the largest coffee producers in the world.

This coffee comes from a family estate run by Wildan Mustofa called the Frinsa Collective. Wildan and his wife started the project in 2010 with a goal of producing high quality coffee for the specialty market. The estate has six growing areas as well as a wet and dry mill. Additionally, they also process the coffee from smallholders in close proximity to the estate.

Most of the coffee produced by the Frinsa Estate is washed. Choosing to use the washed process over wet hulling as the main processing method sets Wildan apart from other coffee producers in Java. The varieties in this cup, Andungsari, Bor Bor, Katrika, and Ateng, are well known throughout Indonesia. Contrasting the earthier flavors of a typical Indonesian coffee, this cup shines with sweet notes of citrus and chocolate.


In the Cup

Juicy, Orange, Molasses, Medium Body, Cocoa


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