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Limited Release #57 Ecuador La Perla


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

Guillermo Lomas is part of a new wave of coffee producers in Ecuador who have been inspired by the renaissance of specialty coffee happening in Colombia and Peru. On his farm Color Café, Guillermo planted typica mejorado, sidra, and a couple other very special varieties. The lot that was imported for us by Red Fox Coffee Merchants was a separation of typica mejorado. This variety of typica in Ecuador is much more reminiscent of Ethiopia and Yemen's floral and citrus characteristics than is "typical" of most central and South American grown typica.

Guillermo is faced with a multi-faceted challenge growing coffee in Ecuador. For starters, the climate's volatility has decimated the country's cacao and rose industries due to the effects of climate change. Coffee is just as susceptible to these changes, and producers have had to be very mindful to adapt growing practices that seek the health of the plants over short term gains that could compromise the longevity of the farm. Next, Ecuador being right on the equator actually gives them year-round coffee cherry growth. This means you're constantly harvesting, processing, and drying in both the wet and the dry season which means there is a risk of crops being damaged by weather along with labor shortages to be able to handle what is usually a seasonal crop. Top this off with the highest labor wages in South America and you've got to pay top dollar to end up getting a special coffee like this.

Lucky for you, we've got friends like Red Fox who works in producing countries to secure exquisite coffees like this for prices that pay excellent premiums to innovative producers like Guillermo Lomas who have risked a lot to give us delicious and unique experience.

In the Cup

Floral, Citrus, Very Sweet


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