Carabello Coffee

Grand Cru #62 Colombia La Inmaculada


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

Every year we try to outdo ourselves for our Christmas grand cru release.  This year, prior to the harvest in Colombia, our Director of Quality Control, Jacoby Steele, had a few conversations with the owner of Yellow Rooster Coffee, who has the privilege of importing Finca La Inmaculada’s coffee. 

La Inmaculada is a world famous coffee farm in Colombia.  Coffees from this farm have won the World Barista Championship and several other quality coffee driven competitions more than any other producer in the past five years.  At one of the highest elevations of their property in the Andes Mountains, they planted the most unique coffee varieties they could find.  These coffees have won a large amount of international competitions, including this last year's WBC competition won by Onyx Coffee Lab's co-owner! 

When Joel gave us the opportunity to purchase a vacuum sealed box of the Sudan Rume variety, we jumped at the chance.  

This particular variety, Sudan Rume, is a variety that was originally discovered in Sudan.  It is a natural mutation in the same family of Bourbon, that has been a large help in breeding programs due to its unique genetic material and hardiness.  It also produces a small amount of cherries, which means that it is a commitment for quality that drives a producer to select this variety.  

This variety is unlike any other we have highlighted as a grand cru. It isn’t delicate like a gesha, nor is it a run of the mill “fruity” natural.  The family processes each variety they grow differently.  They take painstaking effort to make sure they’re putting the best flavors forward. 

Jacoby's Farewell
After nearly 10 years of working with the Carabellos, Jacoby is ending his time in coffee and moving onto new horizons in January 2022.  Given his many years of service, we wanted to deem this coffee his Farewell Coffee.  It came to us because of his persistence and desire for Carabello to showcase the best coffees we can find. 

In his own words, "I’m honored to have this coffee be what I’m saying goodbye with. I have cherished my time sharing good coffee with you, and my many interactions and friendships with you all has been the fuel for my passion all these years.  May your cup always be filled with good coffee, and your life be filled with dear people to share it with."

In the Cup

A true Gem of a 90 Point Coffee.  Expect an exotic coffee, marked by a creamy cup, with a ripe mango acidity, a layered sweetness, and a finish that lingers with cardamom spice and florals. 



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