Carabello Coffee

Nicaragua El Guapo


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This is one of the highest scoring coffees we got from our dear friend and long-time partner Luis Alberto Balladarez this past year.  It is THE BEST of the washed process micro-lots he curated for us, and is aptly named EL Guapo - The Handsome. 

Luis is a coffee mastermind.  We have been visiting him and purchasing his coffee since 2011.  This 300lb micro lot is from Lo Prometido, one of Luis' newest farms that is at a high elevation and planted with a healthy amount of Maracaturra coffee plants.

Maracaturra is a hybrid of the large bean maragogipe, and the platinum award winning caturra variety, resulting in a high complexity, large bean variety with which Luis works wonders. This microlot was washed and then dried on African style raised beds slowly over the course of about a month, a process Luis has been fine tuning over the years.  This slow drying results in exceptionally clean flavor, a highly structured acidity, and a boat load of sweetness.

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In the Cup

This coffee is clean and crisp.  We taste a coffee with a viscous body and that is bursting with tropical fruits, tangerines and cane sugar. 


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