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Nicaragua Pacamara Washed

by Carabello Coffee
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It is a washed coffee that is fully the Pacamara varietal, which is a hybrid of pacas and maragogype. Pacas is a natural mutation of the bourbon varietal that originated in El Salvador in the 40's. It has a nice cup quality. This was bred with maragogype, which is a giant bean mutation that was discovered in Brazil. Together it makes for a very complex cup, Luis is getting better and better at processing this coffee, and this year's pacamara washed coffee is the cleanest tasting it ever has been, with really delicious acidity.

This varietal has a very unique expression with Luis' care and precision in processing.  Usually, this varietal exhibits noticeable vegetal qualities along with the complexity - not so with this coffee.  It's clean, balanced and really sweet.

This lot of Pacamara comes to us from Finca Un Regalo de Dios, which is located outside of Mozonte, Nicaragua, very close to the Honduran border.  This was Luis' first farm and is also the home of his 3rd place Cup of Excellence winning coffee in 2011.  

We cupped lots of Luis's coffee this last year and was particularly excited about this Pacamara lot. Often that varietal can have a vegetal or earthy quality that can be a bit much, this lot is so clean and doesn't have anything like that present!

In the Cup

This coffee is super clean, with crisp acidity... think grapes and citrus. Also pleasantly floral. Though it's not a normal Central American coffee it is really pleasant and clean and I think people will dig it.

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