Carabello Coffee

Nicaragua Santa Teresa Washed


We've known Luis Joaquin for 7 years, and have been purchasing microlots from him for most of this time. Luis Joaquin is the son of a coffee farmer (100 year old Joaquin Lovo), who immigrated to Miami during the Nicaraguan civil war. He became an engineer and had every intention of staying, when his father reached out to him. He pleaded with him to come and help him rebuild the family farm. With his engineering background's meticulous note keeping and his adherence to little-by-little experimentally proven improvements, he took the family's farming to an exceptional level. He's an award winning farmer, having won national competitions and placed in the top lots of the Cup of Excellence consistently. This is a micro-lot from his family's second farm (they have three), Santa Teresa. Luis has each shift of pickers keep their shifts of picking separated. He then processes, tastes, and organizes these lots- making sure to keep the best ones separated. This is an excellent example of one of those separated micro-lots, made up of only Caturra. Luis Joaquin and his wife are deeply involved in their community and work very closely with Mercy Kids, an organization in Nicaragua that we love and support. We love this family and have cherished seeing our relationship grow through the years.

We Taste:
Apple, Dark Chocolate, Raisin


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