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Rivense Honey (Ureña Family)


This past February (2023), Justin Carabello and our cafe manager David traveled to the Chirripó region of Costa Rica to meet the Ureña family. It's a 5 hour drive from the airport to the farm and the Ureñas agreed to transport Justin and David all the way there! From the start, it was abundantly clear that the Ureña family is incredibly generous and hospitable.

Regulo, his wife Isabella, and their 5 children are a lively bunch! The three eldest sons help run the coffee farms and process the coffee alongside Regulo. About 10 years ago, Regulo had a major shift in his approach to coffee farming. Previously, he had farmed his coffee in a traditional way: harvesting cherries and selling them to a mill to be processed and then exported. But his sons, who had been educated at university, saw a potential to change the way the family business was run.

The change was all encompassing. Regulo gained an exportation license. The family built a wet and dry mill. Experimentation and innovation became the standard. With these major shifts, the Ureñas gained total control over the entire process from seed to exportation. After their experimental coffees were entered into well known competitions, the Ureñas gained notoriety on a global stage.

One of the innovations that most sets the Ureña’s coffee apart is the focus on experimental processes. Honey, natural, and experimental fermentation is the name of the game. The traditional washed process is not even part of their practice. We cannot wait to return to Costa Rica and visit the Ureña family again!

In the Cup: Silky Body, Orange, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate

Learn more about Regulo Ureña and his family.


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