Carabello Coffee

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**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**


The terrain of the farm is very difficult, and we move a great deal of weight in coffee fruit. To aid in the transport of the coffee and to provide access to all areas of the farm, there are a total of about 30 kilometers of internal road system.

As well as the office and storage buildings, there are 23 housing units within the farm. There is also a camp with showers, indoor plumbing, and cooking facilities for pickers who live too far away to travel every day. All of the water used in these facilities is fed by springs and is perfectly safe to drink.

We have had a long standing open invitation to all of our clients to come and visit the farm. In 2019, we hosted some 300 single day visitors representing over 75 companies at the farm during January and February.

Our business offices are located in San Jose in Costa Rica, and Hinesburg, Vermont in the United States.


We have a core of 80 full time employees. This includes managers, farm workers, clerical staff, drivers and maintenance personnel. Full time employees have access to on site housing for themselves and their families on the farm when available for as long as they need it. This core of people is augmented by approximately 150 contracted laborers to perform weed control and over 600 pickers during the harvest.

It is our policy to assist our workers by actively supporting them in their lives outside of working hours. We contribute matching funds to the workers’ association savings plans. This money is used for retirement savings or to fund large purchases such as appliances or furniture. Each year the association organizes a bus trip to Golfito in Southern Costa Rica where large tax free purchases can be made.

The association encourages and funds sports programs. There is a soccer team for the adult men, as well as a junior team.

We have set up an at cost commissary on the farm for the workers. Bulk purchasing power is used to supply inexpensive goods to cover the workers’ basic needs. Additionally, there are 3,000 citrus trees (oranges, grapefruits, and limes) as well as avocados and mangoes throughout the farm.

Our own medical clinic is located on the farm near the administration building. A doctor staffs this clinic two days a week to administer to the needs of the workers and their families. We also have a dentist at the farm three days a week to attend to the dental needs of the farm community. The goal of this clinic is to provide preventative care. Detailed records of the medical histories of every person on the farm are kept for future reference. Private hospital care for more serious illnesses is also available.

In San Jose, we have eight people who handle the accounting, quality control, mill management and exportation of all of the coffee that we ship. They supervise the preparation of the coffee at the mills and coordinate subsequent shipping. Not one bean of coffee is shipped without prior quality testing and approval at this office.

In the United States, we have eight people who are responsible for coffee transport management and customer support. We work closely with our customers to develop blend and roast profiles for the coffees. Additionally, we provide training and education in the taste profiles and processing of the coffees we import.

We Taste:

Cooked Fruit, Spice Cake, Dessert Coffee, Balanced