Carabello Coffee

36 Zambia Mufinga Natural


Coffee is still very new in the country of Zambia compared to neighboring countries, with the first plants being cultivated in the 1950's. Zambia's coffee production mimics Tanzania more than its other eastern neighbors in being mostly composed of estates rather than smallholders.

The country has planted mostly hybrid and rust resistant varieties of coffee plants and is separated as a AAA grade- meaning it's the largest screen size offered in the country. This was grown at the highest elevation in the country, a point referred to as "mafinga" in Zambia. It is rare to find a lot of coffee from Zambia that is distinctly high quality- this is the first one we've even seen on an offering sheet! This is one you don't want to miss, with a highly complex sweetness and a texture like brownies!

We Taste:
Dried Apricot, Brownies, Spices


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