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Grand Cru #54 Yemen Pearl of Tehama


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

Yemen is brimming with rich coffee history.  The species name of the coffee we drink (arabica) was named for its cultivation in this country, which is the tip of the Arabian peninsula.  In the 1500's, the whole world's coffee consumption came from Yemen's cultivation.  Yemen is where we can trace the earliest stories of roasting and brewing coffee as well.  So it is indeed strange to think that most folks haven't had coffee from Yemen!  The script has flipped to Yemen producing 1% of global supply instead of 99% these days, and as opposed to being at the heart of a flourishing global empire, they are at the heart of a highly contested and violent country.  Half of the population struggles without secure sources of food and water and 10% of the population is presently displaced.

Fatoum Muslot is the daughter of a prominent Yemeni coffee exporter, continuing her father's tradition of sourcing remote micro-lots of high quality Yemeni coffee at a premium that aims to restore the livelihood of the producers who have been growing coffee on ancestral terrace farms high up in the mountains for close to a half a millennia in some places.  With the help of these premiums and continued exports during war times, the coffee sector of Yemen has seen steady growth and security in the midst of a lot of uncertainty.  Close to a million Yemeni citizens depend on coffee for their livelihood.

This micro-lot comes from Al Q'afr and is an incredibly clean natural.  Rich fruity and sweet flavors are front and center for this Grand Cru coffee.

In the Cup

Ripe Strawberries, Creamy, and Legendary.


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