Carabello Coffee

Limited Release #53 Peru Villa Rica


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

We have been finding some of our favorite coffees as of late in the remote reaches of Peru. This 8oz box is a coffee from the Pasco region, from Dagoberto Marin Ludeña. The Ludeña family, along with many farmers in their community, decided to respond to the issues of soil erosion and plant disease in their area in a really comprehensive way: they took up the philosophy of biodynamic farming on their farm "La Chacra D'Dago". All soil inputs come from their farm, they are mindful to look at their farm as an interconnected organism. A decent portion of the 74 acre farm is undisturbed natural forest, and the health of the soil and plants is very apparent.

The seeds are huge, which is not normal for the varieties they use- and the farm is so rich with healthy micro-organisms that when they wash their coffee for processing the coffee has undergone an excellent wet ferment, resulting in the bouquet of flavors present in this coffee.

Royal Coffee Importers has designated this a "crown jewel", the best of the best, and we agree. We're sure you'll love this wonderfully sweet and complex Peru.

In the Cup

Peaches and cream, maple syrup, and dark chocolate


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