Carabello Coffee

Limited Release #99 Andres Burga


Andres Burga is a coffee producer who is located in the Northern Province of San Ignacio, Peru. Bordering the western Andes mountain range, Andres’ Farm El Naranjo lies at 1820 meters in the little village of Bello Horizonte. El Naranjo stretches over 2 hectares and is planted with varietals that thrive in high altitudes: Caturra, Bourbon, and Pache. The climate in Bello Horizonte is quite wet which produces unique challenges for producers who need to protect their coffee from the rain as it dries. To combat this, Andres has created an indoor solar drying room to help protect his coffee from the rains. The sweetness and stellar flavor of his coffees has been partially attributed to the way Andres processes his coffee. After the coffee is depulped, it undergoes a longer than standard wet fermentation that lasts upwards of 40 hours.

Get ready for one of the most delicious coffees of the season. This truly is a coffee that you could sip on all day long. Its nuanced fruited flavors paired with an undeniable sweetness makes this a win for everyone. Seriously, it just ticks all the boxes! 

In the Cup: Brown Sugar, Dates, Orange, Spiced Apples


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