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Bike Man Crew Neck ** PRE-ORDER**


Use Discount Code BIKEMAN and save 10% Now Through November 4th

The weather is getting cooler and folks have begun requesting we introduce our first crew neck sweatshirt.  Meet the Bikeman.  Whimsical and Fun, he reflects our "don't take yourself too seriously" attitude. 

This Alternative Apparel Eco-Fleece sweatshirt is SUPERSOFT and COMFY.  Made of both organic and recycled materials, it has raglan sleeves for a truly vintage look.  Fabric is made in USA.  We are not skimping on the quality here - especially for the price.  These regularly sell for $50+ but we want to keep them in the realm of affordability, so we're pricing this one at $38.95. 

This is a pre-order sale.  When checking out, use Discount Code BIKEMAN to save 10% 

Items ordered will be available to ship November 15th.