Carabello Coffee

Roasty's Choice Subscription


The Roasty Coffee Roasty's Choice Subscription delivers a wide array of single origin coffees from Carabello Coffee, right to your door, at the frequency that's right for you.  If you like to mix things up and prefer your coffee experience to be varied and adventurous, this is the right coffee subscription for you.  

The Coffees

Carabello Coffee specializes in sourcing high-end, fully-traceable specialty grade coffees that are unique in character and exhibit a high level of excellence from farmer to roaster.  They enjoy variety, and love to mix up the origins and the processing methods of our coffees all year long.  What that means for you is a constant flow of exceptional coffees from all around the world.

Who Will Love This

Coffee lovers who are adventurous, and enjoy mixing up their coffee choices.  Those who like to brew their coffees manually (Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex, Aeropress, etc) will find a friend here.  

How It Works

Each month, Carabello's Lead Roaster, Shannon Savage, will select several of our fully traceable single origin coffees as his "Roaster's Choice."  (Pro Tip: Shannon has been in coffee since 2003 and knows how to pick coffees!)  Those coffees will then be sent to you based on the frequency you choose, with those who receive their coffee more frequently enjoying a wider array of coffees throughout the year.   

Roast Level

The coffee in the Roasty's Choice subscription will be light to medium on the roast spectrum so as to enhance the unique attributes of each coffee.  If you are a dark roast lover, this is NOT the subscription for you, but you will love our Dark & Roasty Subscription

Example: If you choose to receive 1 bag once per month, you will enjoy 12 different coffees in one year's time.  If you choose to receive 1 bag every two weeks, you will enjoy 24 coffees in one year's time.  

Carabello Coffee

Carabello Coffee is a philanthropic craft coffee roasting company serving Greater Cincinnati.  Our mission is to equitably source exceptional coffees, roast them to perfection and then use the profits as a way to fund works of compassion in coffee producing nations like Nicaragua.  We give Cincinnati coffee lovers who want to shop their conscience a reason to celebrate.  Our Roasting Works & Craft Coffee Bar is located at 107 E. 9TH ST., Newport, KY 41071.