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Benjamin Paz Anaerobic Honey


Benjamin Paz is well known for putting the coffee of Santa Barbara on the specialty coffee map. Alongside his family, Benjamin runs the exporting company Beneficio San Vicente. With this platform he created a program that connects farmers in the area with roasters from around the globe. Those roasters commit to buying 100% of a farmer's crop at a good price in hopes that the farmer would then have the ability to make improvements to their farm, their infrastructure, their practices, and form deep and meaningful relationships.

In addition to being an advocate for the coffee producers of Honduras, Benjamin also owns coffee farms of his own and is producing some truly exceptional coffee. Finca La Orquidea, where this coffee comes from, is located in the El Cedral region of Santa Barbara. Benjamin has acquired a breadth of knowledge about coffee production during his many years working at Beneficio San Vicente—knowledge he immediately applied toward coffee production on finca La Salsa. Right out of the gate, almost as soon as La Salsa's coffee plants had matured, Benjamin's coffee placed in the Cup of Excellence competition. As of 2022, he had two coffees that placed at the very top!

At the beginning of 2023, Justin Carabello took a small team of our baristas down to visit Benjamin. The team had the opportunity to spend time with him and get a unique and personal look into everything Benjamin has been doing. Reflecting on his experience, Analog Team Leader Cheynne said, “When I met Benjamin, I had this sense that I would have an immediate friend. He is a guy who has coffee swagger and to be honest, I was a little intimidated by how well this guy is known in the coffee industry. However when I met him, he was the most genuine and loving guy who sincerely cares about his community, his coffee, the coffee producers, the coffee culture, and Honduras as a whole. Getting to know Ben made me really appreciate even more what we sell and brew on a daily basis.”

In the Cup: Captain Crunch Berries, Sweet Citrus, Winey, Balanced


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