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La Esperanza Natural


We are excited to bring to you yet another coffee from Luis Alberto Balladarez’s farm, La Esperanza. The farm was named after Luis’s wife, Esperanza. This is one of Luis’ first farms and sits at 1500 meters above sea level. The farm is lush and vibrant and has a perfect climate for growing coffee. There are quite a few varieties grown on this farm and this one in particular is a caturra natural. 

You may have noticed that we have released 3 caturras from finca La Esperanza within a matter of months of each other. We recently had a La Esperanza Washed and a Limited Release #90 La Esperanzita on the shelves. Why so many coffees from the same farm? Well, every year Luis sends us lots that he thinks we—and our customers—will enjoy. He knows Carabello Coffee so well at this point that he hand picks these lots for us. So apparently this past year finca La Esperanza has yielded several amazing coffees that are just right for us! 

For well over a decade, we have had such a wonderful relationship with producer Luis Alberto Balladarez. He owns and manages several farms in Nicaragua. In addition to owning a mill to process his own coffee he processes the coffee of several other farmers in Nicaragua as well. Luis strives for excellence in all he does. He is not afraid to experiment and knows that even the smallest of details can make a difference to cup quality. Luis’s coffee has won several international awards including the Cup of Excellence. We are incredibly honored to not only feature his coffees but also to share a genuine friendship with Luis. 

In the Cup: CRUSHABLE: Smooth, Melon, Candied Lemon, Brown Sugar

Learn more about Luis Alberto Balladarez and his family.


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