Carabello Coffee

Colombia Narino Honey


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The town of Aponte in Columbia is thought to be the northernmost point of the Inca empire during the 15th century. Today, it is a small town and reservation for the Inga people. It rests at 2100 miles above sea level in the Juanambu canyon within the department of Nariño. This is an incredibly remote region where small family farms grow coffee as a genuine labor of love.

This is a honey processed coffee from various smallholder farmers. The varieties from these farmers tend to be caturra and typica. Honey processing means that the coffee is fermented with the mucilage from the cherry still on. After fermentation, it is then dried inside parabolic dryers. Coffee from Aponte tends to be dense and dries quite quickly due to the high altitude and cold strong winds.


    In the Cup

    This coffee has a smooth and creamy body with a winey fruit acidity. Flavor notes include berry, cherry, toffee, and caramel.


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