Carabello Coffee

El Salvador Natural


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

This coffee is from a smallholder named José Ovidio Flores, who has been growing coffee since 2005.  His farm Finca El Trompillo is about 15 acres of land brimming with coffee and citrus trees.  José has dialed in a natural process pacamara that has all of what we love from El Salvador.  Expect a rich, well structured sweetness with ripe strawberries and a syrupy body.

Piero Cristiani of Cafe Imports is a native of El Salvador and spends the majority of the year in country.  Piero fosters deep relationships with smallholder farmers, negotiates premium pricing, and takes on the cost of milling the coffee to shoulder the burden.  We love what they're doing in El Salvador and love to purchase these micro-lot gems!

    In the Cup

    Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, Creamy, Caramel


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