Carabello Coffee

Spring Fling Snapchilled Coffee - 4 PACK


Our Spring Fling Seasonal is now available in a can, and we could not be more please with how this run turned out!  This blend has become a crowd favorite, and for good reason.  The weather is turning warmer, and now is a time people love to enjoy their coffee cold.  We partnered with Elemental Beverage Co. to produce these!  

Snapchill Explained

This is cold coffee like never before.  Traditional methods like cold brew, ice, and refrigeration diminish all the flavors and aromas of coffee.  So nearly a decade ago, Elemental Beverage set out to make cold better.  Using the basic laws of physics, they developed their thermodynamic, Snapchilled technology that makes hot coffee cold in seconds–without dilution, oxidation, or additives.  

We first heard about these guys a few months ago when we tried one of the coffees they did for Dayglow in LA.  We were very impressed, so we gave them a ring and decided to team up.  To date this is the fourth coffee we've done with them, and the process is dialed in and humming. 

Everything we love about that blend was pristinely preserved and intact on the other side of the brewing / canning process.  Buy and enjoy with confidence! 

Product Details

  • You will receive 4 12oz cans of Spring Fling. 
  • These cans are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated. 
  • We believe they are best enjoyed chilled, or over ice.   
  • Please observe the 4 month out "best by" date.