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 Analog Coffee Bar is a new six-seat coffee experience bar, unlike anything we have seen in Cincinnati!  Think of coming to Analog as sitting at a coffee chef’s table; or think of it as the coffee equivalent of making an 80s mixtape vs. an iTunes playlist.  At this bar, guests will be presented with a deeper, more intimate and interactive coffee experience than is possible in a traditional café. It is a place for our baristas to dream, explore and flex their creative muscles.

Each month baristas will present a curated menu that involves signature style drinks, taste exploration and brew methods with coffees that are more rare, distinct and separate from those served in our café. We hope you’ll be among the first to join us at Analog. We have a new seasonal menu each month.  

Analog Hours:  Thursday thru Saturday 1p-8p 


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107 E. 9th St. Newport, KY 41071 United States (859) 415-1587

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