Whether you need a gift for the coffee lover in your life or just wanna treat yourself and your loved ones to some great coffee this Christmas, we have you covered.  Here is a streamlined way to find the perfect gift.   

Easy-Peasy Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Coffees

Some of our best coffees, hand-packed in 3.5oz. silver tins that come in a bow-tied set of 3.  $18 Buy





Enamel Pins

Coffee Related Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are back, so we created 3 coffee-related pins featuring a Chemex, a cortado & our logo.  $12 for the Set of Three.  Buy 



Tandem Bike Leather Key Chain

Tandem Bike Leather Key Fob

Know a bike lover who is also into coffee - or maybe just into bikes?  100% leather, hand stamped.  $10 BUY




The Top Shelf Stuff

Grand Cru Costa Rica Geisha Natural 8oz. Tin

Grand Cru Costa Rica Geisha Natural Coffee 8oz. Tin

When you literally want to give (or enjoy) one of the best coffees you will find anywhere on the planet, this is where you go.  $30 BUY






Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee 

Carabello Enamel Camping Mug

Carabello Enamel Camping Mug

These mugs are stunning.  Made by hand in Poland, lightweight and with a great feel while they are in your hand, we are very excited about our first camping mug.  Very popular with the young crowd these days.  $22 for One & $40 for Two  BUY






MiiR Insulated Travel Cup

Miir Insulated Travel Coffee CupFor our first-ever travel mug, we went with Miir.  Not only do they make a killer stainless steel insulated travel mug, but MiiR donates money from each purchase towards charitable projects.  Each mug gives you a code so you can see what your purchase is helping to fund!  These mugs are striking and keep your drinks hot or cold for a LONG time!  $23.95  BUY




Gifts Made to be Worn

Keep on Pouring Super Soft T Shirt

Keep on Pouring Super Soft T ShirtThis Super soft T shirt reminds us all to keep going, never give up and never settle.  The fun design was a collaboration between two of our employees and we could not be prouder!  $19.95  BUY



Carabello Logo Shirt