Carabello Coffee

19 Colombia Ferney Macias


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**


Ferney Macias is a a true family farmer - his mother owns the farm adjacent to his 33 hectare-farm where he and his brothers manage production of the coffee at El Progresso. Ferney is heavily involved in working with his coop, Coocentral, where he regularly cups his as well as other producers coffees to become better acquainted with the quality he is producing.

This lot is special because it is the result of three small anaerobic experiments in which Ferney added bakers yeast to the fermentation. The result is wild, fun and unique for Huila. Buckle up, this coffee is a wild ride.



This coffee is from a farm and producer that are a member of Coocentral (Cooperative in Central Huila) Coocentral is doing a smallholder project in cooperation with NA to improve the quality of the coffee and livelihoods of the producers. They are investing in technical assistance, follow up and training with the growers. There are about 70 farmers currently part of the project, and this can be increased

Coocentral is the main Cooperative in Central Huila. The members of the cooperative normally have 2-3 hectare farms in altitudes from 1400 up to 2000 masl. Main varietals are Caturra, Castillo and Variedad Colombia. They currently have 3747 Members, where of 2098 are active members delivering their parchment to the Copperative reception points in the respective local villages (Veredas). They have purchasing points in Gigante, Garzon, Guadalupe, Suaza Tarqui, Pital, Agrado. The harvest in Central Huila is very spread out -- some have the main harvest in May - July, and others from October - December.

Through Coocentral 2,8 million USD has been spent on social programs since 2005 for: Homes, university education, health care (e.g. - Coocentral pays 50% of hospital bills) Funerals, support in building infrastructure on farms, bonus back from fertilizer purchase to the growers that are delivering all their parchment and buy fertilizer through the coop, life insurance, natural disaster insurance, in-house education system for young growers and kids of growers and pension funds etc. The growers get 100% of the premium we pay above the currant and daily purchasing prices.

In the Cup:
Mandarin Oranges, Complex, Sweet, Zesty