Carabello Coffee

Matcha Tea Ceremony June 14th


We have decided to do something a little different with this tasting. We love coffee & we talk a lot about it, but we also enjoy other beverages & learning about their story & complexity. Matcha has a centuries old history & lots of ritual behind it, not to mention it's delicious & can be enjoyed in many ways. We have teamed up with our friend, Katherine Kern, to bring you an event centered around matcha! Katherine is a Certified Tea Professional (WTA) who has lived, worked, & traveled extensively across Europe & Asia, experiencing & learning about tea ceremonies, production methods, & culture first hand. She is a founding partner of Churchill’s Fine Teas, a Cincinnati, Ohio based tea retailer specializing in loose leaf tea. During the tasting Katherine will lead you through a Japanese Matcha Ceremony, she will discuss the history & making of matcha, & we will of course have our own matcha-based signature drinks to share with you. Come enjoy this very limited tasting experience!

This 1 hour event will include a 

      - Japanese Gyokuro Tea.

      - Ceremonial Matcha Shot + accompanying sweet.

      - Matcha Cappuccino.

      - Signature Drink.
Please view this event like you would a sporting event.  If you cannot attend this we cannot give you a refund.  If you give us a few days notice, and we can find new people to take your spot, we may be able to refund in the form of a gift card.