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Bourbon Barrel Aged Starter Coffee - SOLD OUT

by Carabello Coffee
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Sorry folks. Sold out! See ya next year!!!

What have we here?   For our third barrel aged collaboration with Braxton Brewing, we aged a Rwandan coffee from the Kopakaki washing station in bourbon barrels.  Only 300 numbered and signed wax-dipped bottles have been made and we have 50 of them for purchase on our website.  Bottle contains 268 grams of premium coffee (8oz.). 

The Bourbon Barrel-Aged whole beans were aged at Braxton Brewing Company as part of their barrel program and roasted by us at Carabello Coffee. 

When choosing a coffee to age this year, we wanted to find one that would not be overly dominated by the bourbon, but would also be able to bring some of its own unique flavor attributes into the brewed cup.  After considering our options, we landed on this this lovely Rwandan coffee that is full of caramel and spice.  We thought it would pair perfectly with the bourbon.  

Two hundred and seventy five pounds of un-roasted coffee was then aged in two separate barrels, with each barrel being rotated every two days so that the absorption of bourbon into the coffee would be as even as possible. Since the coffee picked up additional moisture during the aging process, we decided on a slower than normal medium roast that produced mahogany colored beans that have no visible oils on the surface.

In the Cup

The interplay of the origin character of the coffee and the bourbon is really lovely.  The balance of origin character of the coffee comes through, which highlights flavors of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and baking spices. The bourbon is most present in the aroma, but adds a nice depth and dimension to the flavor of the coffee, especially in the finish.  There is a nice oak character from the barrels, which adds nicely to the juicy body of the coffee.  The finish is clean and long.  Enjoy! 


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