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Burundi Gishubi Hill

by Carabello Coffee
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This is the first coffee we have purchased from Long Miles Coffee Project. Ben Carlson started this project to, "facilitate direct and meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers by producing great coffee and telling the story of the farmers who grow it". The Carlson family moved to Burundi from the states, and over the past few years has built a washing station, Heza Washing Station. By providing the washing station for farmers to process their coffees in a way that yields the highest quality, the Carlson's have effectively been able to pay much better prices, much more quickly (months faster), to the farmers who bring their coffee there. 

This has made them an integral and trusted part of their community. To learn more, we highly encourage you to check out their blog! Most of the folks who keep up with this blog tell us that it makes them feel an intense range of emotions, these people face intense hardships in Burundi, and there story is very moving. This inspired Justin to reach out to start importing some of their coffee to be able to share their coffee and story with all of you!

The coffee lives up to its wonderful story- notes of raisin, brown sugar, apple, with coriander and black tea. Complex, lively, and balanced. 


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