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Burundi Kalico Mama


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Welcome back to one of our year-after-year crowd favorites!

Kahawa Link Company (Kalico, for short) is a conglomerate of seven washing stations located in the Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces of North-Eastern Burundi. Kalico was founded by Angele Ciza who had previously owned a coffee exporting company as well as started her own coffee plantation. Her career has been shaped by wanting to improve the quality of coffee in Burundi and she realized that the key to this aspiration would be found at the production level. She now produces some of the best coffee in Burundi. Yet, Angele’s aspirations have grown beyond good coffee.

Her most recent endeavor is creating the brand Kalico Mama- a purely women produced coffee. The coffee is grown exclusively by women farmers and is then specially separated out at the washing stations. Further setting this coffee apart, the bags are artfully sewn by local women with disabilities. The goal for this coffee is to promote and empower both local female farmers and women with disabilities.

    In the Cup

    Balanced, Light, Root beer, Vanilla, Lemon finish


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