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Colombia Huila Regional Select

by Carabello Coffee
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Colombia is one of the great coffee powerhouses in the world, topping the charts in terms of both production and quality the world over.  And for most older Americans, when we think of coffee, we think of images of Juan Valdez and his mule.  Supermarket shelves all across our nation are filled with bags of "100% Colombian coffee."  Yet, most of us would be hard pressed to name even one of the several coffee-growing regions inside of Colombia.  

In an effort to deepen our connectivity to the wonderful diversity of coffee within this great nation, we present you a blended lot of top producers' coffees from the region of Huila. 

Our Colombia Huila is a joint effort between importer Cafe Imports and their Colombian export partner Banexport.  Together they have created a Regional Select program inside Colombia, that allows us to source and experience coffee from each of its main growing regions. 

During the harvest season, growers from within certain communities—for instance, Cauca, Tolima, Huila, and Nariño in Colombia—have their coffees cupped and scored for potential inclusion in a “Regional Select” lot, a coffee that scores between 86–88 points and displays characteristics indicative of its growing region.  Coffees that score above 88 points are selected out as microlots; coffees hitting 90 and above become candidates for their ACES program.

Comprising multiple coffees from smallholder farmers within the coffee-growing communities, Regional Select coffees offer producers a quality premium that encourages investment and development into future years' yields, while also bringing to market some of the best and most articulate tastes of place the world has to offer.  

We think this is a great way to take steps to deepen our understanding of Colombian coffee while also working to further raise the quality of life for coffee producers.  

In the Cup

Colombia Huila is a balanced coffee that is very clean and sweet.  Expect to find a viscous body, with notes of tropical fruit, mango and brown sugar.  The finish is crisp and refreshing. 

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