Block Party Snapchill - Single Can


**Our Snapchill cans are food safe and shelf stable at room temperature.  To maximize freshness, refrigerate your Block Party cans when they arrive. Buy and enjoy with confidence.**

Our Block Party Summer Seasonal cans are BACK!   For the second year in a row, we could not be more pleased with how this turned out!   We know summer is a time people love to brew their coffee cold, and our partners at Elemental Beverage Co. in MA have continued to impress us with how well they take our whole bean coffees and turn them into cold masterpieces.

Snapchill explained - This is cold coffee like never before.  Traditional methods like cold brew, ice, and refrigeration diminish all the flavors and aromas of coffee.  So nearly a decade ago, Elemental Beverage set out to make cold better.  Using the basic laws of physics, they developed their thermodynamic, Snapchilled technology that makes hot coffee cold in seconds–without dilution, oxidation, or additives.  

Our Block Party is a coffee known for its fruit sweetness.  And with the Snapchill technology its sweetness and complexity translate very well to the finished product - which is actually not possible in a traditional cold brew method.  Everything we love about that blend was pristinely preserved and intact on the other side of the brewing / canning process.  We are sold, and we think you will be too!

In the Can

Expect a coffee that is Juicy with Big berry fruit notes and body.