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Limited Release #68 GRAND CRU Nicaragua La Pena Natural


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For over a decade now, we have purchased and loved the coffees of Luis Alberto Balladarez. Luis is a renowned, award winning producer in the northern region of Nicaragua called Nueva Segovia. We have had the honor and privilege of spending a lot of time with him and his family over the years and love his heart for his craft and community. Luis is always experimenting and trying to make his coffee better every year.
The result is that he regularly places in or wins the national Cup of Excellence. His coffees are highly sought after all over the world, and when you peek at the offerings of the best roasters in Scandinavia all the way to southeast Asia, you see several of Luis's coffees. We made sure to set aside our favorite coffee of his for a Limited Release this year. This coffee comes from Luis's farm Un Regalo de Dios in Mozonte. La Peña is one of the highest elevation micro-lots, and this is a separation of yellow catuai, which has a very unique and mellow flavor compared to most of his other coffees.
Luis naturally processes this coffee slowly over the course of a month, under covered raised beds, that are carefully monitored for progress. The result in this meticulous processing is a very clean, and sweet coffee. We taste strawberries and cream, along with a complex tropical fruit acidity, and a wonderfully juicy body.


In the Cup

Strawberries and Cream, Tropical Fruit, Juicy

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