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Dark & Bold Subscription (Cincinnati Public Radio)


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PLEASE NOTE:  Dark & Bold Subscriptions are roasted and prepared for shipment on the 1st of every month.  Please plan accordingly.  

The Dark & Bold Subscription is made for those coffee lovers who enjoy dark roasted coffees.  In this subscription you will receive our Addicting Liquid Blend, a dark, bold, sweet and pungent cup with a big body.  Since the beginning, this has been one of our most popular coffees.  And if you like dark roasted coffees you will find yourself a friend here.

Addicting Liquid is roasted to a Vienna roast level, which helps to maintain the distinct qualities of the coffees in the blend while also accentuating body and giving you some of that bite that you want in a darker roast.  We use only very high grown washed coffees in this blend so that they hold up well in the high heat.  

In this blend are three coffees.  The base of the blend is a coffee from Finca La Esperanza in Huehuetenengo, Guatemala.  To that we add a coffee from our NIcaraguan friend Luis Balladarez, as well as a coffee from a cooperative in the Guji zone of Western Ethiopia.  The result is a blend of coffees that are fully traceable to specific farmers, which is at the very heart of the mission of Carabello Coffee.  

In the Cup

Expect a dark roast that maintains a good bit of the sweetness, has a big body and delivers the classic roast flavors prized by dark roast lovers.  This is one rich cup of coffee.